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Originally created to commemorate a year on from the 2011 tsunami in Japan, ShoutCryRoom is made up of works by Oi Nuen Sprunt, sparked by an 8-piece collection called damage and healing. Now a multi-dimensional installation encompassing works on paper, fabric and video, ShoutCryRoom continues its journey, hoping to touch and inspire visitors and create a space for commemoration and reflection.


Discover present and past incarnations of ShoutCryRoom in the 'where is ShoutCryRoom' tab. 


damage and healing

8 works on paper by Oi Nuen Sprunt

I have been exploring the idea of art and healing
can art lend itself to the process of healing?
can one be healed in its making?
can one create a mood, a space whereby others share the same journey?
I am also interested in how I can express different emotions using
one technique Sumie and one subject roses

I began with 3 big fat roses and a pair of works called damage and healing
these works were a reaction to press statements made by parents of missing/murdered children on television
the feeling of damage being so intrusive and instantaneous
the feeling of healing being so painstaking and gradual
even if healed, a scar remains.....
I had to express these emotions
painting on one piece of paper did not give me the depth of emotion I was hoping for
I found my solution in the layering  and the sculpting of two or three paintings together to make one single work

damage is dark, sombre
healing is light, uplifting
I hope that my feeling of hope that damage does lead to healing is represented in these two works

limbo is a reflection of my state of mind at a particular moment in time
movement at the top of the work is gradually taken over by the stalemate of motionless limbo.

gradually the three roses dried up.I began peeling the petals. The emotion I felt resulted in undress

after undress I felt at peace and this leads me to paint cradle

I then thought about the process of damage and healing. I finished my journey with two more works.
are you frozen
or arukimashou  let's walk together


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